Kentucky Speedway Race - May 2007

"Frank Kimmel, NASCAR and ARCA stock car driver, appeared on "Future Quake" recently to describe a new type of stock car racing event he was co-sponsoring and organizating - a race for "street stock" cars (with original car sheet metal and chassis), low dollar cars normally raced on small tracks, on the vast 1.5 mile, high banked NASCAR-style Kentucky Superspeedway, in a national "enduro" race for 100 laps, $10 grand to win, and up to 300 cars allowed to race on the track at once!

Loose rules allowed anyone in the country to show up with almost a "run what you brung" scenario, like "old school" invitational racing events. These safety-enhanced virtual street vehicles (built form 1960 to 1988), with two barrel carbs, street-similar gearing and automatic transmissions, were clocked at over 150 mph in practice speeds, by drivers with no superspeedway experience! This event was an experiment, and "gift" by Frank back to the racing community, to give the heroic local track drivers a chance to show their stuff on a NASCAR-type superspeedway, and see if this stimulates interest in a new type of racing for new fans, offers new types of events for the major tracks not on the NASCAR schedule currently to hold, and re-invigorate local track racing by enhancing opportunities for their drivers.

This was an unprecedented, unpredictable event in motorsports, so Dr. Future, along with his nephew Jack, who has never been to a major racing event, decided to head up to northern Kentucky and check out the spectacle, as the following photos will attest. Although only 70 cars were able to be prepared in time under the short notice of the event publicized by word of mouth, and get through tech/safety inspection and be ready to race (still almost twice as many cars as in a normal NASCAR race), the race was fantastic, with incredible competition with many lead changes, and at least 7-8 cars with a good chance to win after the field sorted out.

Surprisingly, almost no accidents resulted from the intense event with the huge field of cars and drivers with no high-speed experience. However, a number of engines expired during the race, including many front runners, due to the gearing and other limitations and the inexperience in building engines for this long a run and at this speed, which was a throw-back to the old days of NASCAR when engine failures were a common "wild card" event in a race. The race was well attended even with no advertising, and it is apparent that more of these races will be held in 2008, at a multiplicity of tracks around the Midwest, including possibly the Nashville Superspeedway! We hope to have Frank back on the show soon to tell us what his plans are next. Be sure and check out these events when they happen again!

Green flag! Green flag! Away they go!
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Photo Photo
Dr. Future and nephew Jack in the stands
at the race track, shortly before the start!
Look at the old Impala! One like this hasn't run around a superspeedway in forty years or so! This vehicle was my favorite, along with the handful of Torinos in the field. I hope more of these older cars pop up in events
like this in the future!
Photo Photo
The vast field in lining up on the front stretch,
getting ready to go!
Here's the cars, coming down the front stretch!
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