That's right - Doc and Tom have hung up the mics in February 2012, but our archive of approximately THREE HUNDRED radio shows, featuring unique and still-relevant interviews, news stories and links will remain available for truth-seekers and researchers for some time to come, FREE OF CHARGE for your enjoyment and benefit. If you would like to help us with the costs of keeping this available, please donate at the link in the right column on this page, or purchase any of the books listed below (both of which are still available), or snag some eye-catching Future Quake gear at the link below! Also, check this site occasionally for notices of the new books Doc Future will be releasing in the future, or the appearances and other announcements of Doc and Tom! Drop us a line at the email address to the right to let us know what you think about our shows, and keep us posted on you.

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After long (and overdue) demand from Futurians (and much development, and help from Futurians Von, Bob, Terry and Joshua), the"Future Quake" Memorabilia "Zazzle" Store is now up and running! You can now purchase over 30 different designs of shirts, all in dark or light colors, as either a T-shirt (long or short sleeve), sweatshirt, "hoodie" or other (specify for each design, and size), six different types of bumper stickers and coffee mugs (specify small or big mug, travel mug or ceramic stein), our classic "Future Quake" mural from the sides of the Futuremobile (specify size), and even a dog sweater designed by Pyro! Sporting this gear will help "spread the word" of Future Quake and lead others to our archived shows, and $1 to $3 of each purchase helps pay the Internet fees to keep the Future Quake site and shows online to help others indefinitely!

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Doctor Future And "Future Quake" Guests Have Written Another Published Book Together!

In the latest-published multi-author anthology, PANDEMONIUM'S ENGINE: How the End of the Church Age, the Rise of Transhumanism and the Coming of the Ubermensch Herald Satan's Imminent and Final Assault on the Creation of God, a wide array of researchers and experts explore the various facets of the emerging "trans-humanism" movement, which is re-making humanity, as we speak, at its very genetic core, in a bold assault led by Satan to combat humanity and God Himself in the Last Days! Read about all the various aspects of its manifestation today, including the prophetic implications, drawn from the Bible and other ancient sources, by our own Doctor Future!

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Futurian Bro. Charles has volunteered to take the formidable task of taking all of our archived Future Quake shows, split them up into smaller segments, and upload them all onto YouTube! The audio for these should be of high fidelity, as we used on our actual radio broadcasts. Over the months ahead, we hope to have all of the shows uploaded. To go to our new Youtube page, please click on the following link: YOUTUBE PAGE FOR FUTURE QUAKE

In another significant development, detailed show descriptions, in a searchable and search-engine-friendly blog format, are now becoming available, at this link:FUTURE QUAKE SHOW DESCRIPTIONS

It will likely take many months to fully upload the entire six year archive of Future Quake shows there, with Press Release descriptions and links, etc., starting with the oldest shows first, so please be patient as we add to this data base resource, and check it periodically for new show data as it grows!


On February 26, 2011 Doctor Future and Tom led some local friends and Futurians, and fellow Christians around the world, into a formal prayer interceding for America's Christian media and other national leadership, outside the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN, who were convening inside the hotel at the National Religious Broadcaster's Convention. The prayer asked for protection, blessing and for discernment for America's Christian leadership, and that they might be aware of, and burdened by issues that to date they have not addressed. The hosts were joined in unity on site by eleven Futurist friends (with two from Louisville, KY), with all of them referred to hereafter in history as the "NRB Thirteen".

The prepared prayer they recited can be downloaded at the following link: INTERCESSORY PRAYER

Thanks for everyone, for their support and prayers of very sort. We'll see what God does next in the Christian community, and let's be praying about what God wants us to do next!

If you want to see photos from the NRB Prayer event, please go to our "Photos" page here at our site, or click the following link: PHOTOS OF NRB PRAYER EVENT

If you would like to see the video of the prayer event itself, just click on the following link to the new Future Quake YouTube page Futurian Bro. Charles has set up for us: YOUTUBE PAGE FOR FUTURE QUAKE

Our buddy Tom Bionic has started a special blog page, just about the Future Quake radio show, and the topics discussed on the show! It is a forum for Tom to wax philosophical about these meaty matters, and provide some additional background research and commentary on these and related subjects, on a regular basis. Additional content will be added, like links to the stories we discuss in "Tomorrow's Tremors"! Doc will be dropping by occasionally as well.

To visit Tom's "Future Quake Radio" blog, click on this highlighted link:FUTURE QUAKE RADIO BLOG and catch up on more detailed background information about our show topics, and post your own comments and information!

Futurians, please join your fellow "Future Quake" fans at the "World of Prophecy" Internet forum. Our loyal friends there have a special forum sub-board called "Future Quake Discussions" within the "Guest Lounge" board in their forum. A thread is started for every Future Quake show, for you to critique the show, and share your thoughts with fellow believers and afficionados! Make some new friends there, give your two cents on each topic, and meet the good Doctor and Tom on the board regularly!

To go to the "world of Prophecy" web site and forum, just click on their logo below:

The "manga/anime"-style illustration of Doctor Future above was forwarded by show fan Daniel Breton. It has all the "right" stuff - glasses and goatee, the Future Quake "seismograph" emblem on the vest, an hourglass amulet around the waist (look closely), and even the "Power of Information and Activism" emanating from the good Doctor's hand! This illustrates our fight against ignorance, misinformation, apathy, deceit, laziness and exploitation. The only criticism I would offer is that Mr. Breton largely understated Doctor Future's actual muscular build and general "buffness". If you would like Mr. Breton to design a similar graphic illustration for your needs, drop us an email. We can't wait to see the image of the "cyborg" Tom Bionic!


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Futurian emailers tell us that they are really blessed by the Future Quake ministry, and occasionally tell us that they ask would like to donate to our ministry, and would like to know how. For the six years we have been doing the weekly and daily Future Quake shows, we have been an all-volunteer ministry, and to date have covered the show/ministry expenses "out of pocket". However, due to the many requests we get, we have added below a Paypal "Donate" button for those who felt led by God to contribute to our ministry. We are not registered with the government as a charity, so any donations are not considered tax deductible (and we will pay taxes on any funds received, if appropriate). Any donations that are given will be used to offset our modest ministry and show expenses, such as monthly Internet website fees, interview Skype costs, books purchased for interviews, conference travel expenses, equipment replacement, etc.

If you feel led to donate, don't forget to support ministries in your local community and worldwide missions via your local church, and other worthwhile Christian ministries that are doing the Lord's work in other areas. Here is the link to donate to Future Quake:

Thank you so much for all the support you provide in encouraging emails and prayers as well as donations, and as always, our weekly and daily shows (as well as six years of shows in the archives) are all free of charge, and will stay that way - please circulate them around!

Dr. Future and Tom Bionic are active at Calvary Chapel Rivergate, on Long Hollow Pike in Goodlettsville, TN. If you would like to know more about this Bible-believing church, please click on the church photo below:

Doctor Future was invited to speak at a United Nations and World Council of Churches-sponsored international conference in Montreal, Canada, with the conference theme of "Reconnecting Heaven and Earth, in Spirit, Space and the Human Psyche". This group has also created a new, ecumenical religious order called "The Order of the Transfiguration", an "ecumenical order with links to the United Nations and the World Council of Churches", which studies "apparitions, post-mortem contacts with dead saints, invocations of saints and angels", amongst other things, which "is dedicated as a 'mid-wife' of a New Humanity in a New World Order". You can check out the group further at, but please listen to the 28-31 July 08 Future Quake shows to find out more about this event, and pictures of the event are on the "Photos" page.

[Click Here to Look at Doctor Future's Presentation Slides (if you see any factural errors, let him know!]

[Click Here to Listen to Dr. Future's 80 minute Talk for the United Nations IIIHS Conference on the Coming Collision of Heaven and Earth!

[Click Here to Listen to the 70 minute IIIHS panel session discussing Doctor Future's talk, including scholars from the Jewish Kaballah, Islamic Sufi, Buddhist and Anglican faiths and traditions, as well as a United Nations representative, discussing how the preeminence of Jesus Christ impacts their theological positions, as well as Doctor Future's assertions regarding the presence of evil, deceiving spirits in the Last Days!

Some of you may know that our own Tom Bionic is a world-class musician! He has played fiddle for a number of famous bluegrass bands. If you would like to hear and obtain some of his musical masterpieces, the buttons below lead you to a Paypal portal to get his enjoyable CD, which is pictured below ("Mike Tatar" is his stage persona). Let us know what you think about it - it makes a great gift for Christmas!

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