About Future Quake
 Future Quake...   ...is a weekday, half hour interview and discussion show that focuses on issues, particularly those just under the “radar screen” of the major news media, that are expected to profoundly impact our daily way of life in the near or distant future. We feature guests that have expertise or special knowledge in the topic of the evening, which may range from a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, to a National Deputy Director of citizen-led movements like the Minutemen, to professors, authors or simply unique, well-informed individuals we have encountered through our own special connections.

Although you will occasionally hear guests on “Future Quake” that are virtual household names in radio, we also feature guests that SHOULD be household names but are not, or ones that are in the making – I guarantee that they are some of the freshest and most thought-provoking and interesting people you will ever hear on radio. Since we have interviews that last up to around 90 minutes (spread over our Monday through Thursday shows, with a Friday "Tomorrow's Tremors" review of the news by the Doctor and Tom), we do not get in a rush, looking for “sound bites”, cutting off our guests to rebut them, dragging platoons of guests through, or cutting to frequent commercial breaks. What you find is a discussion that tries to be intelligent and not insult our listeners, in depth, structured and constructive in flow and intentions, that respects the guest and listeners, while still trying to ask the really hard, important questions, and let the guests answer in their own words.

We intend to educate our listeners, and even sometimes warn them, about issues that could negatively impact them if they are not informed, and prepared properly. We cover all aspects of societal concerns, including developments in technology, medicine and health, transportation, economics, a little politics, social and particularly spiritual issues, from a Biblical, Christian world view and mindset. While we cover very weighty and serious topics, we try to keep the discussion humorous and light with our bizarre senses of humor, and with copious additions of irony, in all but the most serious of topics.

Dr. Future and Tom are just lowly volunteers, who donate their time away from their “regular” careers to attempt to contribute to their community, society and Brothers and Sisters in Christ in this manner, the best way they know how. As a result, you will hear frequent mishaps and missteps, technical and otherwise, from these two relatively-untrained and unexperienced radio neophytes. However, we hope our enthusiasm, and our unique style and off-beat attitude, come through across the radio dial. The last three-plus years on air (as of June 2008) have been a blast, from the first show we aired live on April 5, 2005, right up to today, and we hope that you enjoy and are enriched by the information and/or entertainment that our show hopefully provides. We could not, and would not, do it with out loyal listeners like you – so drop us a line! This has been a dream fulfilled for us, and we challenge all of you to make your dreams into a reality, and we hope your “future” is really bright!

 Dr. Future...   ...the Host of the “Future Quake” Show, is quite an enigma, and certainly not your average radio show host. He grew up in a lower middle class upbringing in the Southern/MidWestern region of the U.S., and one of the first in his family to attend college. He eventually received his Ph.D in engineering in 2003, after ending a 10 year education hiatus while working. He served as a leader in a military lab for sixteen years, developing protection technologies and other weird science contraptions. Since 2003, he has operated his own company, which combined technology development and consulting for military, governmental and commercial organizations, with his own in-house development of novel protection technologies. These technologies, invented and patented by Dr. Future, have been a major success in the marketplace, currently protecting police cars, race cars and military vehicles, and soon to include commerical buildings, and has afforded Dr. and Mrs. Future the resources and opportunity to pursue their forays into radio.

Dr. Future has a myriad of interests, including psychedelic, hot rod, surf, and many forms of music – particularly strange, “head scratching” recordings he loves to unveil on “Future Quake” broadcasts. He also tinkers with an all-electric Mazda Miata, which runs on 120 volts from ten car batteries, and an 85-hp motor (see it with Dr. Future and The Sandman in the “Photos” Section). He loves to study futuristic topics, and particularly Bible prophecy and similar genres. He has a child-like passion for electric slot cars, a hobby introduced to him by his older brother, and which led to his career choice of engineering. His half left brain/half right brain personality has had a number of creative pursuits prior to radio, in addition to his “bills paying” engineering activities. He formed a dramatic video movie production company, with three movies produced from an hour and a half to two hours in length, with fans of his work in Africa, Sweden, the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, and elsewhere around the world. He hopes to embark on a writing career, in the years ahead. He is a practicing Christian, and active in his local church, and enjoys studying the Bible, and serving with others in his fellowship, and teaching occasionally when asked.
 Tom Bionic... ...is a native of California, and has been playing pretty much whatever he could get his hands on since he was born. Even some of his baby pictures show him trying to quiet the cacophanous racket of his dad's Stelling banjo. His afternoons as a kid were often filled with fiddle lessons, and his first band exposure was playing with his mom and dad (which he still plays with on occasion). When faced with the prospect of going to college and getting an actual job, Tom Bionic immediately went to South Plain College, the "bluegrass school" in Leveland, Texas. Under the tutelage of instructors Alan Munde, Joe Carr, Ed Marsh, Steve Wohlrab and others, Tom blossomed as a musician, studying bluegrass, country, and jazz.

Eventually, Tom moved back to California, where he participated in the studio scene of San Diego and Orange counties. While there Tom decided to embark on a life-long ambition to obtain his four-year college degree. Shortly after graduating from UCSC, Tom B signed on with bluegrass vocal powerhouse Ron Spears and Within Tradition. While playing with Ron, Tom developed his vocal part singing chops. After playing with Ron Spears, Tom found himself playing with the David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, and playing with the legendary west coast bluegrass band Lost Highway. With Lost Highway Tom toured the world, taking him to places such as Vooerthuesien Netherlands, Basel Switzerland, Stoney Point Alberta and Skagway Alaska. A particular treat was playing in the Sultanate of Oman for two weeks as a diplomatic goodwill ambassador. While there Tom played at the Muscat festival, at an ambassadors luncheon, and gave a private performance at the U.S. ambassadors residence for select Omani dignitaries.

Lately the life of the touring musician has slowed significantly for Tom, and he now works in the private security industry as a private security consultant,(hence the bionic part) designing custom CCTV, burglar, fire and access control systems for Nashville's elite.

In Tom's non-existent free time, he enjoys riding his roadbike, working in his garden, building and testing gasoline assist technologies and cooking.
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